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Cost of Installing a Bathroom Suite in London in 2019

You are here because you want to find out the cost of a bathroom renovation in London?

This article will help you understand how much each service of a bathroom installation costs and what are the factors affecting the overall cost of bathroom installation. This will permit you to compare quotes on a like for like basis.

In general you can expect to pay for a bathroom renovation in London from £2,800 to over £5,500 for the basic to luxury bathroom (£7k plus).

Guide prices below represent London average costs for a standard bathroom refurbishment for same layout or with minimal redesign work per each separate trade service of the bathroom installation job: electrical, plumbing, tiling, etc.

Bathroom Removal & Disposal

The average cost of removing the existing bathroom suite, tiles and furniture and disposing of the waste appropriately falls within £300 to £500. This price varies depending on size of the bathroom, number of items and furniture and ease of access for removal, as in the presence of a lift or not in a block of flats.

Electrical Work

Most customers will choose to upgrade the lighting to led spotlights, install a new extractor fan, a shaving socket, etc. Typical cost can be around £500 depending on variables like: number of spotlights, if new installation is needed or replacement, etc.

Wall Tiling

Depending on the size of the bathroom, size of the tiles chosen, type of tiles, desired tiling pattern (herringbone tiling requires more time to execute) the tiling process will take less or more time to execute, so costs may vary widely. An average cost for tiling is between £850-£950. Quality of tiling is one of the more costly mistakes to rectify so it is important to ensure you get the best tiler you can afford.

Vinyl Flooring or Floor Tiling

One of the most commonly ignored questions that comes to haunt most homeowners is about waterproofing that has to be done in bath/shower area on both walls and floor and should be included in the price for tiling (best if to have this and all other details mentioned in writing in the quote). Some bathroom fitters will omit waterproofing on their quotes to make sure their price is low and then add it later on as an extra. You should always ensure you have this step included in your price for tiling walls and floors or vinyl flooring.

For vinyl flooring, you can expect to pay in the region of £250-£350 depending on the size of the bathroom and for floor tiling around £350-£500 depending on size of the bathroom, tiles, tiling pattern(brickwork, herringbone, mosaic, etc.).


Plumbing costs for a bathroom suite replacement can go higher in case significant changes to the existing layout is requested (like moving WC on the opposite wall, moving basin, bath or radiator/heated towel rail). In the same way a wall hung toilet will raise the cost for installation as mounting a WC on a wall requires extra work and materials for fitting it.

Best is to be selective with your choice of bathroom installer and go for an experienced plumber who will know exactly how to install your bathroom suite so it safely stands the test of time. About £700 to £900 will be required for plumbing services.

Bathroom Suite

It is recommended that you find an installer first and then purchase the bathroom suite at discounted trade prices through their trade accounts. Bathroom suite prices will typically be around the £1000 for standard suites, with budget ones coming a bit lower and luxury suites significantly higher.

WHAT WE OFFER IN PRICES ABOVE (and our competitors do not):

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  • Bathroom trade discounts of 15% to 30% from our bathroom trade suppliers and our help with placing orders.

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Now that you have a general idea of how much you can expect to pay when it comes to bathroom installation costs, you can take the next step towards getting your project underway by filling in the bathroom fitting form below, to which we will reply with a free quote ASAP.

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